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Boosting your progress in life and leadership

2 Week Quick Impact Plan

There is a burning question or issue, and you need support fast to take an important decision ASAP. This plan brings you there without more sleepless nights.

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Are you facing an opportunity that is very tempting but might comprise unpredictable consequences? Or are you confronted with a challenge or a crisis that requires you to take immediate action? This plan gets you going level-headed, with confidence and awareness. We get to the core of the issue quickly, without ignoring other important aspects that influence the sustainability of your decision. The plan comprises four coaching hours within two weeks. At the end of each session you will know your next step to take.

8 Week Clarity & New Direction Plan

There is an area of your professional or private life that you realize is just not working anymore. You are uncertain what to do, or how to do it. This plan is perfect to regain your own inner compass.

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Is there a goal you have been trying to reach and cannot figure out how to get there? As the world around you changes at an ever-increasing speed, it can seem like a moving target! Or have YOU changed, and your old plans don’t match YOU anymore? There are turning points in live when we need a new vision, more than anything. This coaching plan could bring you valuable insights into the systemic dynamics that influence your success. It could also be a great aid to discern what truly matters to you today, and move with ease in the direction of that. The plan comprises eight coaching hours within eight weeks, and, if you wish, four times an assignment between our sessions – tailored specially for you.

8 Month Work / Life Transforming Plan

It seems like you are stuck in a dead-end street with more than one aspect of your professional and/or private life. Or you desire a significant change. Fuel for your engine comes with this plan.

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The complexity of it all is tremendous at times. You might be dissatisfied or concerned with your career or your own business, your public image, your private and/or professional relationships, your health, your finances, your performance, or any combination of those aspects. Additionally, you might sense a lack of meaning – “finally, what’s the point of it all?!” This plan supports you to get (back) on top of things. It gets you going with more courage, determination and new energy, onto the road of your greatest potential future. By strengthening the connection to yourself in our coaching, you also increase your general aptness to navigate whatever life brings. The plan comprises 16 coaching hours within eight months, and, optionally, an assignment each time between our sessions, tailored specially for you.

How It Works


Schedule a Free 1:1

As we get together for the first time, let’s find out if the chemistry between us is right. Ask me anything you would like to know from me. Share with me what you consider important for me to know about yourself.


Choose a Coaching Plan

Whether you would like to sort out just one area of your professional or private life, or you seek a complete transformation of many areas, there is a fitting plan for you. Take a look at my plans above for detailed information.

Reach Your Goals

Coaching is not a magic pill, but it can effectively create shifts in awareness that lead to a different way of being and doing, and hence to a transformed life. Step by step, you progress toward your goal(s), within and after our sessions.

Find Success Through Individual Coaching

You Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

The good news is, as you are interested in the content of this page, you are already one step closer. Coaching can truly change your work or private life. I experienced this myself when being coached. And I see this again and again with my clients. Would you like to know more?

Good to know:

Standardized or individual coaching?

My coaching plans are fully personalized coaching packages of different lengths. Every coaching session’s content depends on your actual needs in the moment we get together.

How long is a session?

Coaching hours can be clustered according to your needs and availability. I recommend sessions of 45 to 120 minutes at a time.

Online or in person?

All sessions are done remotely, preferably via Zoom or Skype – which is as effective as if we were in the same room together.

Would you accommodate me with my special situation?

If you believe none of my plans above fits your needs optimally, just get in touch anyway and I am happy to adjust.