Julia Juergens






Supporting senior leaders and leadership teams to tap into their highest potential

Hello, I’m Julia! My mission is to bring you in touch with your own deepest wisdom.

My Story

Before starting out as an entrepreneur, I had already gone through at least two major transformation processes in my professional life.

My career took off in 2001 with the United Nations. I then worked mostly in advisory and operational management roles, supporting leaders of governments in this world’s worst crisis regions. 10 years later, I longed for a change. I could not see enough impact with our programs. And one day, I realized that I had started to become cynical.

I was determined to bring new value into my work. I connected to my purpose, and then switched my focus – from offering my advice and my expertise as a manager, to instead becoming a mediator, facilitator, mentor and coach. Operating from my strengths, my impact was indeed far greater now, and I continued working with international organizations until 2014.

Then I took the leap to the private sector, the world of business. I sensed that there was a lot for me to learn. Until 2020, I served as Head of Transformation & Leadership Development with an international corporation, bringing in my big picture awareness, as I created and delivered programs for their leaders in 26 countries.

Today I work with senior leaders from all sectors across the globe, helping them and their teams to clearly see and transition to their own new horizons.


My Values & Beliefs

Making a difference

…in this world matters most to me. I believe I am privileged to now know my particular calling, to have the freedom to follow it, and to do what I am really good at. I want to make good use of it, providing keys that serve and empower others.

Ease with uncertainty

The future has probably never been more unpredictable than now. I nurture my resilience, trust and inner peace from my belief that whatever happens, happens for me, not to me. Reminding myself that I need not know or control outcomes.


This means for me to keep my head, heart and gut aligned. In any moment, seeking to be conscious of what I am thinking, what I know in my heart, and what I am feeling – paying attention to all of it and being honest about it.

Why Work With Me?

Finding the right consultant to support your endeavors can seem tricky. There are reasons why you might want to work with someone who knows your context, and there are good reasons to choose someone who has an outsider’s perspective.

With my extensive cross-sector and international experience, I consider myself a bridge-builder, with insights, perspectives and best-practices from a variety of fields – thus your ideal partner to help you maneuver complexity.



More than 20 years of leadership & work on all continents – in private, public and nonprofit sectors. Comprehensive international academic foundation, with continued professional development. Multi-lingual/-cultural management, coaching and facilitation.

Insider Experience

  • International corporate groups METRO, DaimlerCrysler (HR, Communications)
  • International public sector: UN, EU, OSCE (Civilian Crisis Management, HR)
  • Chamber of foreign trade (Economic Development)
  • NGOs (Social & Political Development)

Professional Certifications

  • Systemic Coaching & Change Management
  • Business & Workplace Mediation, Negotiation
  • Leadership & Culture assessments (Barrett Values, Reflector Big Five)
  • Other advanced training (coaching, facilitation, conflict resolution)

Higher Education

  • Master Degree, MA (Political Science, Law and Communication)
  • Mini-MBA (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)
  • University education in Germany, the UK, France and Portugal

My Approach

The more complex a situation, a question or a problem is, the less we are able to solve it with our rational mind alone. Apart from using our knowledge and experience, our logic and reasoning, we can also tap into what is defined as our higher consciousness, which is our highest form of intelligence: the source of our intuition, our innovation capacity and creativity. We then make better decisions – with ease.

There are many entry points and different approaches I use, depending on your preferences and whether I work with you alone, your leadership team, or your entire organization. What matters to me most is that you find a clear sense of direction, gain new energy and initiate action.


My Teachers & Sources

Many great teachers inspired and informed the way I work. Among them are Alan Seale, Arawana Hayashi, Brené Brown, Karl Grunick, Oprah Winfrey, Otto Scharmer, Richard Barrett, Stephen R. Covey, Thomas Hübl, and Tsültrim Allione.