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“Well, should I really?”

Despite serious dissatisfaction with our status quo, many of us hesitate before reaching out to an expert for support. That hesitation is very understandable.

When I need support myself, the questions that I most often ask myself are: “Shouldn’t I figure things out by myself instead?” – “Is it a fit with this particular expert?” – “Are my specific needs really going to be catered to?”

Are you asking yourself these questions, too?

My services are in no way a “one size fits all”. I ensure to cater to every client’s specific needs and circumstances. My way of working will match YOU and what you desire to change or activate.

And yes, certainly, you can often “figure things out” intellectually on your own. With my support though, you will go beyond that intellectual understanding, into the space where the real shifting takes place. I am conscientious about making a tangible difference for you.

Most importantly, successful transformation is built on the relationship-space between us. Thus, the first step is a complimentary call. We’ll spend 30 minutes together to get to know one another and explore if we have a fit to work together.

Also frequently asked

Things happened which I’d rather not speak about – is it necessary?

What you share is entirely up to you. In order to explore and take steps into the direction of the greatest potential in your situation, there is no need to go into what happened in the past.

Can you guarantee that it will be a good investment to hire you?

Yes! I guarantee that once we both decided that we have a fit, you will experience a tangible shift when working with me. The significance and results of that shift depend on what you bring in.

Do I need to pay in advance of our first session?

No. You will only receive a bill after our first session. I want to make sure you are satisfied with how I work with you. I would not want you to pay if you are not. We could then end our agreement there.

I am / my company is not based in Europe, can you still work with me / us?

No problem at all! My calendar shows the usual working hours in Central Europe, but I will do my best to accommodate to your needs and your time zone. Just drop me an email with your preferences.

English is not my first language, are there other options?

Just like me, many of my clients are not English mother-tongue speakers, and still working together turns out very fruitful. Alternatively, I can work with you in German, Spanish and French, too.

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