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It’s time to take a new direction at work or in life? Let’s make it happen.

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Bring your leadership team (back) into their full potential.

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In order to grow and thrive as an individual or as a team, you need to engage both your intellect and your intuition. You need to be in touch with your being, so that you can generate the right action, the doing. My work ensures that you find alignment of both qualities.

What is the greatest potential of your situation, challenge, project or goal?

How do you have to show up?

What are you supposed to do?

The answers are already there. Let’s bring them into the light.

Reach your goal

Coaching packages to boost your progress to achieve your vision

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Tailor-made solutions to get your team or organization to a higher level

Wisdom walk

Let me take you out on a special journey into nature and yourself

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Tangible, values-based assessments for yourself or your organization

What is Leadership Coaching?
Who is it for?

Leadership coaching helps you become more self-aware, and to grow into your highest potential. It lets you explore who you want to be as a leader – and supports you to be(come) that person. You renew your energy – enabling you to drive change in your team, organization, or in society.

I am a top executive and know how to lead - what would I get out of working with you?

Sometimes the more we know, the more difficult it can be to make the right decisions. As coach, I do not give advice, but assist you in gauging the full picture of your situation, in generating options, and accessing your deepest wisdom. And if requested, I advise on transformation strategies for your organization.

I am not currently managing a team, will you still work with me?

Not all leaders have a team. There are many examples of amazing leaders who create value, progress and inspiration for others all alone, or in collaboration with others. Rank is not what defines leadership, but one’s courage is.

Do you know enough about my industry / my field of work to be able to help me?

For my effectiveness as a coach I need not to know any details of your work. You are the expert for that. My expertise is in bringing out the best in you (or your leadership team/organization), by helping to gain clarity on what matters most, and act upon it.

I am uncertain if my team is open to leadership development.

Certainly, it makes no sense to impose development on someone who is not open for it. However, there are several easy options to working with your leaders. And we sometimes underestimate the desire and potential for transformation. Let’s have a chat!

What leadership techniques and styles do you apply / teach?

I will not ask you to copy or plug in any particular style or technique. Instead, you will recognize your own leadership style, your strengths and your personal barriers to overcome. You will reinforce what makes you effective, to be the leader YOU are meant to be.

About Me

My life has been full of opportunities. I learned to spot them, and to follow my intuition. I reached my dreams, several times. However, I have also come to hit rock bottom more than once. Those moments woke me up, invited me to re-calibrate myself and the chosen path, and find new guidance.

Having served as a leader in both the private and the public sector across the world, having managed highly diverse teams and operated in multi-cultural settings, I acquired profound understanding of human motivation and behaviour, and what it takes to lead.

My Action


I experienced Julia in one of her leadership programs. She is not only a great facilitator and coach, who has the strength to be open and naturally empathic, who has all the necessary knowledge in leadership development, but who is also a very special person. She looks deeply into people’s talents, and fully believes in them and the success of their dreams. Julia’s way of thinking is very creative and without borders. She will not give up until she brings her client to his/her best possible core realization of potential.

Julia is not a “nice to have facilitator”, but a “must have generator of leadership talents”. Her unbelievable power and experience enable her to bring her clients to very new ideas or solutions, and this is exactly what the world needs now, for our next level of development.

Anastasiia Kaliuzhna

Head of Forensic Audit/ Finance Audit, METRO AG

(Coaching-Testimonial) I have been an extremely introspective kind-of-a-person, who has spent the last 03 decades looking within for answers. I was under the impression that I had done all the internal work that one possibly could over the years.

But, even after all that work I found it truly amazing when Julia gently took me through a deep reflective process that helped me access the timelines from my childhood to surprisingly discover how some very specific hidden events from those days were defining my personality and my day-to-day life and my behavior in the present day.

Julia has an in-depth understanding of human nature and behavior and how it correlates with their unrealized potential. She has a very sharp sense and an uncanny ability to help a person unravel their own deeper mysteries. The care and the tenderness with which she approached our sessions were so welcoming that I easily slipped into events that I had blocked out from my own memory.

The sessions helped me access myself more powerfully. They also helped me access my own personal life more powerfully as I became deeply aware of what was blocking me silently and invisibly from my past. Being a coach and trainer myself, getting unstuck and unleashed in this manner gave me so much more access to be who I truly want to be.

Will remain grateful forever Julia for your kindness and the deep compassion that I experienced with you and in your sessions.

Dreyvan Dayse


When I first listened to Julia speaking in public, she immediately sparked my curiosity! She talked about leadership and the evolution of consciousness, and pointed out what it truly takes for us to make the shift we so desperately need in this world. If you want to get inspired, and if you want to become part of bringing forth a new kind of leadership, I strongly recommend you working with Julia!

Irina Naithani

Founder, WERISE

Access Your Wisdom. Gain Clarity. Empower Your Leadership. Accomplish It.

Let’s face it: It’s human to get stuck sometimes. Due to external or internal circumstances we suddenly get a rough ride. We can pretend it’s not happening, or that we have everything under control. The price is high though – on our resources and our personal energy. And we lose the one resource we cannot recover: our valuable lifetime.

This is your chance to clear the way. To be the leader – or the leading organization – you want to be. Investing in your future means opening the door to a new reality. I can be your partner in creating it.

Don’t Wait. Start Creating Your Future Today!



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